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Radiant Laser Decapsulation. 

Radiant Laser Etch 2


-Capable of decapsulating IC packages less than 1mm x 1mm

-Capable of decapuslating IC packages 10mm or thicker

-Capable of cutting IC packages

-Real-time video monitoring

-High Resolution Camera ≥ 2 Megapixels

-Camera optical zoom up to 18x

-Image saving

-Filtration System

-Compliant with class 10k cleanroom

-Equipped with HEPA filter with Extra Filter and carbon filter

-Fume extractor included

-Positionable exhaust inlet

-Integrated interface (e.g. power and sleep) or interlock with exhaust/filtration system

-Installation and Training


-Programmable motorized Z axis which is able to set into recipe

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