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Radiant Laser Decapsulation. 

Radiant Laser Etch 2
Radiant Laser Etch2_edited.jpg
Inline Camera.JPG

Laser decapsulation is a highly precise and effective method of removing plastic encapsulant material from a device.

By using a 20W 1064nm laser, the encapsulant material is vaporized, eliminating the risk of accidentally destroying or washing away a defect with decapsulation chemicals.

This method is particularly useful for small or oddly-shaped devices that would be challenging to expose chemically. Additionally, laser decapsulation reduces the need for chemical consumables.

Our advanced in-line camera with laser technology enables simultaneous viewing and etching of devices. With a large optical zoom of 18x, our camera can view devices ranging from 1mm to 100mm in size. Experience precision and efficiency with our cutting-edge technology.

Introducing our advanced laser technology that can remove encapsulants without causing any damage to the bond wires made of Gold, Copper, Silver, and Aluminum. With our technology, you can trust that your materials will remain intact and undamaged. Experience the precision and reliability of our laser technology today.

The Laser decapsulation process is a delicate procedure that requires precision and care. To avoid damaging the sensitive circuitry of the Die surface, it is recommended to leave a layer of molding compound (100microns) which will use wet-etch step.

This process is typically used as a "pre-decap" step, preparing a sample for chemical or Plasma decapsulation.

Laser Decap Samples

small samples_edited.jpg
Thick samples_edited.jpg
More samples_edited.jpg

The Laser Etch Slice

Experience the power of our green laser technology. With its ability to slice through thick heat sink, silicon, and various hard metals, you can trust that our laser is the perfect tool for your cutting needs

Laser Slice_edited.jpg


-Capable of decapsulating IC packages less than 1mm x 1mm

-Capable of decapuslating IC packages 10mm or thicker

-Capable of cutting IC packages

-Real-time video monitoring

-High Resolution Camera ≥ 2 Megapixels

-Camera optical zoom up to 18x

-Image saving

-Filtration System

-Compliant with class 10k cleanroom

-Equipped with HEPA filter with Extra Filter and carbon filter

-Fume extractor included

-Positionable exhaust inlet

-Integrated interface (e.g. power and sleep) or interlock with exhaust/filtration system

-Installation and Training


-Programmable motorized Z axis which is able to set into recipe

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