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  • Z-Spindle –  Allows for cutting depth to be altered even during operation

  • Versatility – The system may be readily converted to handle sample cutting requirements of most shapes, sizes and applications.

  • Cutting Accuracy – The use of precision lead screws on all sample feeds means cuts may be positioned accurately

  • Long Cuts & Dicing – The large work-table andl layout of the machine allows for long cuts to be achieved – perfect for failure analysis, and QA applications such as longitudinal sectioning of components. Sectioned workpieces may be an end in themselves, or the starting point for lapping and polishing

  • Most Blade Types – The system accepts a wide range of O.D. diamond and abrasive blades for standard cutting, and is readily adaptable to accept special ‘dicing’ blades for the smallest kerf.


  • 8560.3 ULTRASLICE Diamond Saw - 110V-240V

  • System package includes: Saw Base Unit,

  • 6000rpm max spindle speed (with tachometer, ammeter),

  • 3582.2 X Stage for traveling table,

  • Y axis motorized traveling table (with automatic cut-out),

  • Z-spindle Stage,

  • Recirculating Coolant System & Splash Guard,

  • One 4" diamond blade (7412.1),

  • Pair 2" dia. flanges (cheek plates)

  •  W Rotational Stage – 3590.1

  •  Substrate Holder (+ 4 substrates) – 3518.4

  •  Vise (for samples up to 2″ dia) – 3575.1

  •  Dicing (Internal) Splash Guard – 3577.1


  •  Lamp

  •  Substrate Holder

  •  Encapsulated Mount Holder

  •  Vise

  •  W Stage for ULTRASLICE Saw

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