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The PLT Plasma Decapsulator is a cutting-edge device that allows for efficient and safe decapsulation of electronic components. With its advanced vacuum plasma technology, it provides a reliable solution for decapsulation needs in Semiconductor Failure Analysis industries.

Trust the PLT Plasma Decapsulator for your decapsulation needs.

The system is designed to provide optimal results while keeping operating costs to a minimum.

Our team has worked hard to ensure that you get the best value for your investment.

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PLT Plasma Decapsulator

Why Vacuum Plasma Decapsulation?

Vacuum plasma decapsulation is a non-destructive method of removing encapsulation from integrated circuits. This process offers several advantages over traditional decapsulation methods, including the ability to preserve the die and bond wires, as well as the ability to analyze the die without damaging it. Additionally, vacuum plasma decapsulation is a faster and more cost-effective method compared to other techniques. 

The Advantages of Vacuum Plasma Decapsulation

• Highly effective and efficient for decapping large devices.  

• High Consistency of results on every chip. 

• Batch Decaping by decaping multiple chips at one time. 

• No damage to the exposed metal on the chip surface
• No damage bonding wires of the chip
• The gas used is safe and has no impact on the environment
• Plasma can enter small gaps for reaction

  • The plasma flow is directed downward toward the device,

resulting in a highly uniform and controlled etch across the entire surface.

  • This will reduce the time taken for each etch.

  • In our plasma etching systems, achieving uniformity

is crucial for precise and successful removal of encapsulation.

  • You can also do batch etch with a few devices

together at the same time.

  • It is reliable and repeatable.

Plasma Folw.jpg

CF4 free

Our development team have specially designed the Vacuum plasma system to remove most encapsulants without the need for CF4,

CF4 which can be aggressive and potentially damaging to most bonding wires made of materials such as Au, Cu, Ag, and Al.

With our solution, you can effectively remove encapsulants while retaining the passivation layer and integrity of Bonding wires ensuring the integrity of your components.

Other Applications of Plasma Decapsulation

Due to the safe and efficient removal of organic materials by plasma, it can be extended to the removal of materials such as COB chip packaging and CSP underfill


Silver Wires


Gold Wires

Plasma Decaped Samples

Multi Chip 4.jpg

Copper Wires

Small device_edited.jpg

Small Device (2mm)

Multi Chip 3_edited.jpg

QFN after Plasma Decap

Multi Chip 1_edited.jpg
Multi Chip 2_edited.jpg




•Voltage:220V/110V Single Phase

•Microwave Power:1000w

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