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Leica S9 Stereozoom Microscope
Leica EZ4 Stereozoom Microscope
Leica M50, M60 & M80 Routine stereo microscopes
Leica M125 C, M165 C, M205 C, M205 A Stereozoom Microscopes
Leica A60 Stereozoom Microscope
Leica M165 FC Fluorescent Stereo Microscope
Leica M205 FCA Fluorescence stereo microscopes
Leica Z16 APO
Z6 Apo
Corr. Objective for Stereo Microscopes Leica PLAN APO 2.0x CORR Objective
Leica Motorfocus system for stereomicroscopes
Leica XL Stand Modular stand allows inspection of large samples at high stereoscopic magnifications
Leica F12 Mobile floor stand for inspection of large samples
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